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"I find it hard to explain my art, but then it doesn't really need explanation.
It may seem mysterious or challenging, but all you need to do is to open your
heart to the joy and excitement of a new visual experience, to accept a new
vision of a world full of the unusual, a world of the creative imagination."

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Gallery & Agent


Frost Gully Gallery
Thomas Crotty
1159 Route 1
PO Box 202
Freeport, ME, 04032

150 Main Street
Thomaston, Maine

Phone: 207 - 865 4505

Literary Agent

McIntosh & Otis, Inc
Christa Heschke
353 Lexington Avenue
N.Y., N.Y. 10017

Phone: 212 - 687 7400

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Maine Masters Project DVD video about about Dahlov. Now available through Islandport Press

"A rare portrait of my mother's world. Very moving and informative.
" Robert Ipcar

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More About Dahlov

Read Dahlov's extended biography "Seven Decades of Creativity" from the Portland Museum of Art Exhibit Catalog of the same name to our biography page

About Dahlov

The Art of Dahlov Ipcar, by Carl Little, Downeast Publications, 2010

Dahlov Ipcar, Artist (Maine Artists for Young Readers Ser. No. 2) Pat D. Reef (out of print)

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William & Marguerite Zorach Homepage

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Mid Coast Hospital Homepage
Through our healing environment project, we build upon the hospital's natural setting while working with local artists to provide symbols, spaces, and surroundings that join body and spirit, science and healing.

View Dahlov's n mural, "October Woods,"

From The Younger Generation

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What, Dahlov own a computer? She claims that she's too old to learn new technology. While Dahlov's word processor outlived its own manufacturer - Smith Corona - by a good fifteen years, we've managed to wean her onto an i-Mac, though only for so long as we call it a word processor. The next big step is e-mail...

Until then, s
end your comments and queries to my NEW emai laddress :

Bob Ipcar
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